Course curriculum

  • 2

    Chapter 2 Drawing

    • Part 3 Inkscape Shapes

    • Draw a bear using shapes

    • Select and transform tool & options

    • Fill & stroke

    • Saving work & exporting

    • Objects and paths, what is the difference?

    • Path operations (also called boolean operation)

    • Groups, levels & selection

  • 3

    More tools!

    • Edit paths by nodes

    • More about color print vs digital

    • Color & Blending modes

    • Clipping & masking

    • Text, text menu & tool options

    • Layers panel

    • Align and Distribute

    • Spray tool

    • Pencil tool & creating brushes

    • Pencil tool

    • Pen tool

    • Pen tool: how to clip a bird from a photo

    • Filters, extensions, interpolate, pattern along path

    • Trace bitmap: Image to vector

    • Create seamless patterns with an angelic cat!

    • Path effect editor

  • 4

    Extra tutorials

    • Gradient exercise

    • cherry tutorial

Inkscape 1.0

Complete beginner course

This Inkscape 1.0 course will enable you to learn essential tools and tips to improve your work. 


Inkscape is free! 

Why buy this course? There are lots of free tutorials out there. However there are not many (if any at all) complete courses with Inkscape 1.0!

While there are some tutorials in this course, it is not the main objective. The lesson structure allows the learner to understand the tools and what one can achieve with this knowledge. Armed with this knowledge you can begin to use Inkscape more professionally.

There are a total of 28 video lessons. Here is how the course is set up:

  • Understand the Interface structure, and view setting
  • Learn basic tools, and each tool set for each tool
  • More complex tools 
  • Path functions aka Boolean operations allow us to create precise shapes

Lastly there are a few tutorials for solidifying specific knowledge of 

  1. Pen tool
  2. Edit path by nodes
  3. Shapes
  4. Path functions (Difference, Divide)
  5. Alignment
  6. Colour/shade/highlight
  7. Object to path/Stroke to path
  8. Gradients


Enjoy the course! New videos may be added in the future.

 The purpose of the course is to teach how to use the program. This is a full introduction to Inkscape 1.0. I would like you to enjoy your learning experience. However if you decide that you are not happy for any reason a refund will be issued. No questions! Let me know within 15 days of purchase to be eligible for a refund.